Photography Classes

Course Description

The six-week course is designed for those at a relatively basic level who have an SLR camera—either film or digital—and have a strong interest in learning about the functions of the camera with regard to exposure, digital aspects, and composition. One-on-one courses are held weekly for 1–2 hours in the instructor’s home studio. You may choose to have a friend or spouse take the course with you at a 10% discount. Shooting assignments are given and the results are critiqued the following week. Custom courses are offered for those who want to concentrate on a specific area at a fee depending on length of study. The six-week course costs $285.

Week One — The Camera

Topics covered:

  • The SLR and other types of cameras
  • Obtaining a Proper Exposure
  • Aperture (F-stop)
  • Shutter speed
  • Film speed/ISO
  • An explanation of each and their relationship to each other
  • The exposure meter
  • Use of flash

Assignment: Shoot in a variety of lighting situations selecting the correct exposures.

Week Two — Controlling Motion

Review first class and critique prints from shooting assignment.

Topics covered:

  • Controlling motion with shutter speeds
  • Panning
  • Lens Attributes
  • Focal Length of Lenses

Assignment: With your camera, shoot a moving object, like a car, making everything sharp. Shoot again, this time making the subject sharp and the background blurry.

Week Three — Depth of Field

Review and critique of second class.

Topics covered:

  • Depth of field
  • Controlling depth of field with aperture and focal length.

Assignment: Shoot for shallow and extreme depth of field.

Week Four — Composition and Framing

Review and critique depth of field shoot.

Topics covered:

  • Composition
  • The rule of thirds
  • Framing the subject

Assignment: Compose shots using the rule of thirds and framing the subjects.

Week Five — Alternate Lighting Scenarios

Review and critique framing assignment.

Topics covered:

  • Backlighting
  • The silhouette
  • Fill flash

Assignment: Shoot in backlit situations making a strong silhouette.

Week Six — Course Review

Review and critique backlighting, silhouette and fill flash assignment.

Course review.